Connecting Communities
to Low-Carbon energy

Low Carbon Energy Project Development & Production: LNG • Hydrogen • Nuclear

Revenue Streams through
Energy Independence, Carbon Mitigation, & Food Security

We pursue Economic & Environmental Reconciliation through Indigenous ownership of Low-Carbon energy solutions which contribute to industrial  decarbonization, diesel offset, renewable-powered food production, and nature-based carbon sequestration through forest and soil.

Our process starts with the Community, understanding your needs, capacity, and interests, and then working with you to assess the energy and resource potential  of the area.  From there, we look at the portfolio of tech-based and nature-based solutions.  NineIrons will assist with analysis of options, vetting, and project design & implementation from funding, through regulatory, to installation. 

 NineIrons can help you develop revenue generating opportunities contributing to the health-being & wealth-being of future generations.

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Co-Creation Breeds the Best Results

At NineIrons, we believe the best solutions come from inviting all perspectives to the table.  We look forward to collaborating with you and your community to find the best solutions.


Our Specialization

NineIrons is born of the convergence of Indigenous Reconciliation & Climate Action.  Through decades spent in Canada’s Energy Construction Industry, and a desire to see a pragmatic approach to decarbonization, NineIrons recognizes the necessity and opportunity of  low-carbon participation.  Leadership toward Carbon Neutrality is in the hands of Indigenous participants and partners, where co-creation will be the catalyst to effective decarbonization. 

At NineIrons, we are:

Metis-Owned, Indigenous-Led
Strategy & Deployment
Collaboration &
Sustainability Specialists
Construction & Energy
Project Mgmt
& Analytics

Luticia Miller, Founder

Luticia has built a career in construction from the ground-up, and is passionate about the energy industry which has sustained her family, and about the net-zero future and opportunities which lie ahead.  Drawing on Indigenous practices shared from her elders and mentors, she believes there are lessons to be gleaned that highlight our accountability for our decisions today and our impacts on tomorrow.

There is no economical sustainability without ecological and social sustainability.
Luticia Miller
Founder, NineIrons

NineIrons is Metis-Owned & Indigenous-Led